Buy Local Lincoln County

If every household in Lincoln County shifted $44.57 of their monthly discretionary spending to a local business, roughly $10 million in additional funds, $4 million in additional wages, and over 120 jobs could be brought into or remain within the county. Keep in mind that the $44.57 is per household, not per person..

Formed on January 8, 2009, the Buy Local Lincoln County Association was created with the intent of spreading the message of why buying local is so important.  The Board of Directors is comprised of eleven members, who select among them the President, President-Elect, and Secretary/Treasurer.  The Buy Local Lincoln County Association is registered in the State of Oregon as a nonprofit corporation.

Our mission has two major focus areas:

1) To help Lincoln County residents understand the power of their spending dollar and its impact  on the local economy.

2)  To help drive more sales to Lincoln County businesses by encouraging them to become more local-consumer-friendly.

We are not anti-chain store spending, we are pro-Lincoln county spending.  Rather than spend your money on-line or across the county-line, we want you to spend it here whenever possible.  Locally-owned businesses give you a bigger bang-for-the-buck economically, but chain store businesses inside Lincoln County help our economy too.  We encourage you to support all our businesses, and help “Keep the GREEN in Lincoln County.”