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Get Involved as a Consumer!

Get involved as a consumer10 ways you can help make the 10% shift to local spending:

  1. Take friends and family to local educational, historical, and cultural attractions.

  2. Make at least one "big ticket" purchase at a local retailer this year.

  3. Buy birthday and special occasion gifts at local retailers before shipping.

  4. Dine out at a new local restaurant each month.

  5. Visit and shop at one of our local Farmers’ Markets each month this season.

  6. Look to purchase locally made food products and roasted coffee on grocery shelves.

  7. Arrange and ship your own gift basket of locally made/grown products.

  8. Order a subscription to your local newspaper and/or buy one each week.

  9. Attend concerts, plays, and events at local venues.

  10. Recommend “Buy Local” Business Members to your friends.

  11. As a bonus here’s 11: Take an out-of-town friend shopping with you locally.

  12. As a final bonus here’s 12:  Join “Buy Local Lincoln County Association” as an Individual Member.  Your $25 membership fee will make you eligible for shopping incentives throughout Lincoln County.
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