BOSS Program, Taft High School

Posted by on March 6, 2015

4040 Southeast High School Drive
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367
Primary phone: 541-996-2115

The Body of Student Services ByLaws;

As a student, do you feel improvements can be made at Taft High School for the better, and what would they be?
How do you feel many of the classes can be made to be of more interest to the student?
Are there any new activities the student may like to see put into effect here at THS?
What would it take to have better class attendance?
From the above questions, of the many that may be submitted you may only pick the three most important ones to be sent to the THS advisory committee for evaluation and get a response within one week.
The BOSS program will be made up of 2 students from teh 9th through 12th grades. This group will then select their own officers: President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer.
The BOSS group will meet at least once a month to get input for submission to the THS Advisory Committee. They can submit other questions other than those suggested above. All questions must be related to academic progress for the students.

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