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Every day we spend our hard-earned money on the things we want and need to make life better. But where does that money go? When you buy locally, you not only help yourself and family but you help your community as well.

If someone told you that you could help create and/or retain over 120 jobs by spending a small amount of your discretionary income in your own county, would you? If your participation could help keep millions of dollars in our local economy, would you? What if local businesses offered you “incentives” to purchase more, would you spend more locally?

By making a purchase at a local Lincoln County business, as opposed to the Internet shopping, catalog shopping, TV shopping, and/or driving across the county-line, you can help make that change. If every household in Lincoln County (19,296) shifted 10% of their discretionary spending (defined by Gallop as groceries, dining out, clothes, and entertainment and recreation) to local retailers, this change could happen. Did you know the total monthly spending shift needed to make this happen is only $44.57 per Lincoln County household. The results of this small shift is eye-opening; over $10 million additional revenue flowing through the economy would create nearly $4 million in payroll, resulting in over 120 new and/or retained jobs. About one purchase out of ten is all it takes. A small shift can yield big results.

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