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Buy Local Lincoln County is on TV!

As you flip through the stations on your TV, there’s a chance you might have seen a feature on “Inside Lincoln County” about the Buy Local Lincoln County Association (BLLCA). This five minute clip focuses on the economic impacts that your spending dollar has.

If every household in Lincoln County shifted $44.57 of their monthly discretionary spending to a local business, roughly $10 million in additional funds, $4 million in additional wages, and over 120 jobs could be brought into or remain within the county. Keep in mind that the $44.57 is per household, not per person.

This video was produced by Visual Thinking NW and sponsored by Lincoln County as an added benefit to the $5,000 Community and Economic Development Grant which was awarded to the BLLCA this past spring. The BLLCA thanks both Visual Thinking NW and Lincoln County for their time and their generous contribution to the Buy Local Lincoln County Campaign!

To view this video, click here.

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