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Are you Government Contract Ready?

Buy Local has a new Government Contract Ready category. Find out how to become ready to bid on Government projects happening locally.

Checklist for becoming a potential government contractor

1. Contact Government Contract Acquisition Program (GCAP) to discuss your business and the government contracting marketplace. 1-800-497-7551 or email Let GCAP help guide you through steps 2-10.

2. Obtain a DUNS number. You must have a DUNS number to accomplish the Central Contractor Registration. A DUNS number can be obtained without providing financial information. Call 1-866-705-5711 for immediate assignment of a DUNS number. You can then validate your DUNS data at

3. Look up your Federal Supply Classification (FSC) or Product Service Code (PSC).

4. Look up your North American Industry Classification (NAIC).

5. Get registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR). This is the contractor database searched by federal agencies to solicit offers. The CCR must be accomplished in order to receive contract awards from federal government agencies. Go to

6. Fill out the On line Reps and Certs (ORCA).

7. Investigate potential opportunities on Fed Biz Opportunities and/or sign up for GCAP’s bid-matching program, GCOM to receive leads from Federal, State, and local agencies emailed to you daily.

8. Review other possible registrations and certifications, such as. HUBzone, minority, and veteran status options.

9. Make sure you are able to accept Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). All federal contractors must be signed up to accept EFT. This can be accomplished by registering in the CCR

10. Have your Taxpayer ID ready. Also known as your EIN, you can also use your Social Security Number. Go to to register online for your EIN.

Other Information:

Cage Code- (Needed for Defense Department contracts). Comercial and Government Entity Code. Assigned with the CCR application. There is no fee for assignment of a CAGE code.

SBA Profile
A profile extension of the CCR. This can only be accomplished after the CCR registration is complete. Register on this database at at the same time you accomplish the CCR.

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