10 Reasons to Buy Local

1. Local Shopping Incentives

When local businesses offer incentives to local buyers, cash registers begin to ring.  When a Business Member joins the Buy Local Lincoln County Association, they are encouraged to offer an incentive (such as a free drawing, free sample, Valley price-matching, bonus gift, special hour sales, 2-for-1, and/or special discounts) exclusively to BLLCA Individual Members.  When BLLCA Individual Members show their card or pin, they automatically qualify for these special incentive offers.

2. Grow Your Community

When you buy locally, you help support yourself, family, friends, neighbors, and community as a whole by keeping money circulating through our coastal economy. We’re not anti-big-box store, or anti-online shopping, or anti-anything! We simply encourage folks to make a small shift in their discretionary spending, shifting just a small portion of what they currently spend out of the county … for more, see #3, below.

3. Keep Your Money in Our Economy

If everyone made a 10% shift in their discretionary spending (groceries, dining out, clothes, entertainment and recreation) to local retailers, over $10 million of additional income would stay in Lincoln County.  (This small shift in spending would equate to an average of $44.57 per month  per Lincoln County household.)

4. Wages and Jobs

That same 10% shift could add approximately $4 million in wages, creating and/or retaining approximately 120 jobs each year. We can help ourselves simply by “Keeping the GREEN in Lincoln County.”

5. High Employment = Safer Communities

When you buy locally you help retain and create jobs, thereby keeping our communities safe.  Studies show that crime rates increase as unemployment increases.

6. Keep Product and Service Diversity

Many of the products and services that are perceived to be only available “in the Valley” are available here.  When you “Buy Local” you help maintain and grow the current inventory of products and services available to us right here in Lincoln County.

7. Save Time, Money, and Aggravation

By shopping locally you might just save some time, money, and aggravation.  Why fill up your gas tank and take a road-trip when you can get what you need here?  If the product needs repair, will you need to return it to where you bought it?  These are all good considerations for buying local.

8. Support our Infrastructure

Tax revenue collected from local businesses and their employees help secure our safety, maintain our roads, educate our children, care for the elderly, and much, much more.

9. Community Projects and Support

Studies show that local business owners donate more to local charities and non-profit organizations than do non-locally-owned businesses, let alone out of state giant corporations.  Look at the outfield fence of any local baseball park and read for yourself the businesses that “come-to-bat” for your community.  You won’t see e-commerce giants buying outfield banners to support the Irish, the Boomers or any other Lincoln County teams. That support matters.

10. Networking

The Buy Local Lincoln County Association is a great opportunity for businesses to network with one another.  By exchanging cross-promotion ideas, work together on group buys, and helping provide incentives for local buyers, everyone wins.


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