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Thank you for your business membership! When you join, we’ll mail you a brand-new window sticker for your auto, home or business. Need extras? Just ask! Call 541-994-4166.
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We encourage you to link to this website from your website!  The more traffic this site gets, the more it will bring you business.  Please use one of the html snippets below to link to us.

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Offer Local Shopping Incentives:   When your business goes out of its way to be “local-consumer-friendly” the word will get out and customers will come in.  If you offer special programs to Individual and Family Members of the Buy Local Lincoln County Association, they will buy from you.  You can spot them when they where their “Buy Local” pin or show their membership card.

Display your Buy Local Lincoln County decal.  Find a prominent spot such as your front door or window and display it proudly.

Add a Buy Local Lincoln County link to your website.  Add the Buy Local logo to your website and a link to our website. The more hits our site gets, the more likely shoppers will find your website.

Promote the Buy Local Lincoln County logo.  Download our logo from our website and add it to your display materials such as table tents, receipts, advertisements, newsletters, and more.

Thank the locals for their support.  Thank your customers for buying locally and ask them to be advocates for your business.

Support other local businesses.  Remember to buy local for your own business when it comes to services such as printing, catering, accounting, banking, renting and more.

Embrace community.  Transform your customer service into community service and give back in ways that are meaningful for you and your business.  Be a strong supporter of your local community.



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