Sapphire Center

Posted by on March 3, 2015

4844 SE Hwy 101
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367
Primary phone: (503) 962-9251

We are located in south Lincoln City, in the Taft district just north of the Ace hardware and across from IGA food store.

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Liberating the mind and body of the uncertainties and pains of life through physical and spiritual therapies is the objective of the Sapphire Center.

I am an Air Force veteran who has been able since my childhood to recognize my connection to my spirit guides, “like angels” in my life that have helped guide me on my journey.

Here at Sapphire Center we offer new age (old age) treatments to the age-old crises of grief, stress, uncertainty and the relentless march of time on our idle bodies. The mix of insight, aroma therapy, energy work or physical exertion is a soothing prescription for what ails you.

We here at the Sapphire Center have been drawn to getting to the root of health concerns. What we do here is empower the body and mind to heal by working on all the emotional and physical levels.

We have a spacious workout floor where our Zumba classes are held twice weekly by Rachel a svelte master of the dance fitness regime who lost over 100 pounds to this method. Soon we will be offering Yoga and other classes in this space too. We have a separate room in back, where we offer Energy Healing, Reiki, and Aroma Touch Healing.

Each of the ladies who work here have spent time exploring the connection between healing and nature through the use of plants, herbs, and essential oils. The oils not only work on the body to efficiently and naturally heal physical ailments; they can work on the emotional and mental levels as well.

For people who need a more straightforward approach, we offer readings, tarot, and astrology. Readings typically involve messages about current and past life issues, dream interpretations and guidance to chart a new path amid those quandaries. Tarot offers another pathway to empowerment using a revelatory deck of cards to answer your questions. Astrology assists you in discovering and understanding your journey this life time by looking at your birth chart, you are able to see your strengths, habits, and journey this life time.
You can call it spiritualism, but it really doesn’t have a name. It’s about knowing how to let go of those things that create havoc and obstacles in our lives so that we can live the life we desire by using our own intuition – true love, a better job, paying off debts and living a better lifestyle.

Listening to my own intuition I opened Sapphire Center after refining my skills for six years in the antechambers of retails crystal shops, spiritual centers between the Oregon coast and Portland, along with working out of my home in Portland. I was guided to open the center on the coast at Lincoln City due to the powerful healing energies of the ocean.
I joined the military as a way of escaping the chains of family and religious dogma that I felt suffocating. I came here to help others release their baggage and find new lives outside the box. The center takes a holistic approach at helping you release the stress and tension from your life.

Sapphire Center carries Soy Candles, Essential Oil Blends, Crystals, Sage, and other gifts for your pleasure.

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