Thompson’s Sanitary Service

Posted by on March 6, 2015

7450 NE Avery Street
Newport, Oregon 97365
Primary phone: (541) 265-7249
Secondary phone: (541) 265-5434
Fax: (541) 265-3034

Our incentive to Buy Local members is:
Customers who sign up for our EasyPay option will receive a $10 coupon to use at our Transfer Station. Please mention “Buy Local” when contacting us about this offer.

Thompson’s Sanitary Service is a third-generation family and locally owned sanitation company who has been in business in Newport, Oregon since 1963. Thompson’s is absolutely committed to providing quality service because “we live here too”.

TSS offers a wide variety of services including commercial and residential recycling and waste disposal, medical waste disposal, water delivery, soil delivery, and confidential document shredding. You can also call upon us to provide the labor for any size waste disposal job on your property.

We also encourage you to bring those big loads of trash or recycling to our transfer station in Agate Beach. Our company is an official E-cycles location. We accept E-waste where it will be recycled at no cost to you. Please visit our website to get directions to our transfer station and find out what E-waste we can accept.

Here at Thompson’s, communication with our customers is the key to the success of our business. Please visit our website for more information, TSS also encourages our customers to call (541) 265-7249 or email with any questions or concerns about service.

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