Tupperware Louise Giordano

(541) 626-8433


6029 Salmon River Hwy #40
Otis,  OR

Want to help you have fun and get organized in your home, office, garage, or anywhere you feel needs organization. Tupperware has a number of uses.   I can Help.

Tupperware has more then just bowls. Yep, Really!!!   I can organize your pantry, with modular mates.  You need help in the freezer, I can help.  There are several freezers and different sizes to help you out.  You love to dress up for the Holiday’s we have items just for the season.  You can earn FREE items and have fun with family and friends.  You like compaction.  Well I can help you and someone you choice to have a dual with earn free items for each of you.  Oh and the guest will also earn free items. Just think you can do your gift shopping all in one area.  Everyone will use Tupperware. Give me a call at 541-626-8433 and please take a look at my website: LGiordano_02.my.tupperware.com

Cant wait to hear from you so we can have fun and I can help you earn FREE stuff you want for you.


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